Thomas Goulden of Bush River, Newberry, SC (c1720-aft 1790)

THOMAS GOULDEN, c1720-bef 1800
I believe that the father of our grandfather William Goulden is Thomas Goulden.
This is based upon circumstantial evidence. I have also collected DNA information on numerous other Golden, Golding etc families living in the area — which eliminates many of these families from consideration as being paternally related.
Although William and Nellie are documented as living in Edgefield, South Carolina, this is in reference to the county and not to the town of Edgefield. William and Nellie lived adjacent to the Saluda River, on the southern bank within a few miles from ‘Bush River’ or ‘Bush Creek’. This area is part of Saluda County today.
For purposes of understanding how this area of South Carolina was settled, this entire area is in essence an extension of Newberry, although the Newberry County line ends on the other side of the river.
Thomas Goulden was living in the Newberry area as early as 1761, but probably did not live there in 1760. We know this because of the Indian Wars. South Carolina was unable to supply the area with food and some other essentials so a government agent was authorized to buy local. Lists of what and for how much and from whom still exist. Thomas was not listed in 1760 but in 1761 he sold corn to help feed the militia.
In late 1762, Newberry Council Minutes show that Thomas Goulden petitioned for land and it was approved. No details other than that. Approval was for 200 acres. The standard at the time was 50 acres per family member (wife + two children; or 3 children). South Carolina Archives Online show that land was surveyed for Thomas in 1763. This land was on Bush Creek in the area of the Quaker settlement. Records still exist showing that Thomas rented some of this land out in 1792 to a member of the Quaker Bush River congregation.
>>> Congregation records for Bush River Quakers still exist today. They kept amazing records on every congregational family member of all ages. Often these records included personal details. No Golden or Goulden or similar name is listed in those records (I have complete copy).
As for Thomas being the father of William, and possibly Samuel Golden (b1770), I know of no records listing the name of any of his family members. Nor do I know of any will or probate document.
There may have been a Thomas Goulden Jr. Or it may be that William named one of his sons after Thomas. A Thomas Golden lived adjacent to the William and Nellie Golden property through 1820.
I believe that the following is a son of William, and grandson of Thomas:
Thomas W. Golden, 1790–1839
BIRTH ABT 1790 • Pendleton District, Anderson, South Carolina
DEATH DEC 1839 • Fern Springs, Winston County, Mississippi
The Thomas Golden family began its move from South Carolina to Mississippi by 1821, with daughter Mary Ann Golden (1821–1891) being born in Alabama, son James A. Golden (1824–1860) also born in Alabama, and daughter Martha Matilda Emily Golden(1825–1853) born in Mississippi.
— Bill Golden,