Richard Golden of County Tyrone, born c1746, what YDNA says

Richard Golden of County Tyrone, born c1746, YDNA says Updated 2021.06.13 — NEWSFLASH!! BIG Y testing shows that the lines of Richard Golden, born c1746, and Mark Golden, born c1762, share a common father or grandfather. No name is known yet, so we will call him by his Terminal SNP name: Grandfather G-FTA59516 Golden … … Read more

G2a Goldens from Gwaltney family of Pembrokeshire, Wales?

Golding/Golden/Goulding Family History on Facebook Some G2a Goldens from Wales? Some Golden family histories with Elender Eli Golden as their ancestor, indicate that these Goldens may be descended from the Gualmay/Gwaltney family of Pembrokeshire, Wales. The name Gualmay is Welsh in origin and means “Field Hawk” or “Hawk of May”. Gualmay is a derivative of … Read more

Golden/Goulden and Morgan Family atDNA connections

Have found two atDNA connections with the Morgan family via Ancestry member Jukqueen. >>> The oldest documented grandparent in our family line is the marriage of Nathaniel Greene Goulden to Rachel Isabella Morgan about 1810 in South Carolina. The Morgan family is well documented for a number of generations back to about 1600. Now have … Read more