c1704-1782 (John) William Golding, Rev War DAR Patriot, South Carolina

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Updated 2014.04.02

(John) William Golding

Born: 1703-05 at Essex County, Virginia; usually listed as 1704
Died: 23 Sep 1782 at Ninety-Sixth District (Pickens Co.), South Carolina — Last Will and Testament

Note: In almost all genealogies John William is listed as ‘William’. ‘John William’ was probably also his father’s name, although he primarily went by ‘John’. His Will is in the name of ‘William’ and most land deeds are in the name of ‘William’. While more modern records refer to his Rev War years service under the name of ‘William’ his actual service records in the South Carolina archives are listed as belonging to ‘John Golding’.

Revolutionary War Service: While John William was much too old to fight, he worked hard to keep South Carolina militia furnished with supplies. His DAR recognition of service category is ‘Furnished supplies’. His service is documented at SC ARCH, ACCTS AUD #2926, ROLL #48.56, ACCOUNT OF JOHN GOLDING.

Father: John Golding, 1670-1734
Mother: Cassandra Tucker, 1670-1715

Note: While many, many family histories claim that William Golding is the son of John Golding and Cassandra Tucker the truth is that we just do not know. There is also no reason to challenge this assertion. William Golding himself was the first well documented Golding in his line.

There does not appear to be any documents that makes for clear linkage of parent and child: John b170 and William b1704.. Furthermore, several different Golden/Golding lines claim to track back to John Golding b167o. DNA testing will play a wider role in perhaps determining which line actually tracks back. There is a well established YDNA profile for descendents of William Golding b1704.

John and Cassandra had three sons, most often claimed to be: William (1704-1782),  James Golding (1705-1748) and Simon Golding (1717-1789).  There are no identified descendents for James Golding. However, Simon went forward and was fruitful with three sons and three daughters. Of Simon’s sons, only Jesse Golding has a documented lineage.

Jessee Golding’s family name evolved to Gaulding early adulthood.  Jessee and his children also went forth and multiplied. There are two Gaulding families currently taking YDNA test; these families track back to these Gauldings.

Married in 1728 at Middlesex, Caroline County, Virgina to Elizabeth Foster, 1704-1775


  • John Golding, 1725-1801
  • William Golding, 1730-1811
  • Elizabeth Golding, 1731-1802
  • Mildred Permelia ‘Milly’ Golding, 1734-1802
  • Robert Golding, c.1740-1828
  • Henry Golding, c.1740-1784
  • James Golding, c1740-1753
  • Reuben Golding, 1741-1835 (Rev War)
  • Richard Golding, 1744-1788 (Rev War)
  • Anthony Golding, 1746-1801 (Rev War)
  • Sarah Golding, c.1746-1812
  • Mary Golding, 1748-1837


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