Gay Douglas Golden (1897-1979), son of John Dillard Golden and Daisy Lola Allred

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Gay Douglas GoldenGay Douglas Golden, son of John Dillard Golden and Daisy Lola Allred

Born 28 Nov 1897 at Paint Gap, NC, and passed on 21 Mar 1979 at East Point, Fulton County, GA.

Married to Daisy Lola Allred (1893-1981) on December 9th, 1923 at Pickens County, Georgia.

There was one daughter from this marriage.

Son of John Dillard Golden (1868-1957) and Mary Etta Blankenship (1875-1961).

Grandson of Nathaniel Greene Golden (1812-1882) and Elizabeth Jane Sosebee (1848-1930).

Gay Douglas Golden - son of John Dillard Golden

Gay Douglas Golden, as the photos easily show, was fair-skinned, blond, light blue eyes, with a high forehead and  narrow nose.

My Relationship: Gay Douglas Golden is my 1st cousin 2x removed.

Gay Douglas was a Mason from his earliest adult years (see the pin on his lapel above); and his father was a Mason as well.

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