Searching for John Franklin Golden of New York and Alexandria, Virginia

John Franklin Golden of New York, born probably before 1925, perhaps as early as 1915, would find himself in Alexandria, Virginia at some time between 1948-1952. While there he met, and may have married, Charlotte Alberta Rambo 1928–1988. There is no known public record of a marriage nor divorce, so most key info about John Golden … Read more

James Goulden of Glossop, England searches for his siblings in Ohio, 1874

Golding / Golden / Goulding et al Family History on Facebook James Goulden, recently arrived from England (1874), is advertising and searching for his brother John Goulden, who was supposedly in the Cinncinati, Ohio area circa 1862 after leaving Glossop, England (about 12 years ago from 1874). James is also looking for his sisters: Catherine … Read more