William and Nellie Golden of Edgefield, South Carolina

Note: Extensive revamping of this page is necessary. YDNA testing from mid-2017 has allowed the confirmation of some prior theories (to include disproval) as to which Goldens in the region belonged to which families. We have also now been able to confirm within about five miles as to where William and Nellie Goulden lived. Documentary … Read more

How many William Golding/Golden/Gouldings and Gauldens are there … in 2013?

Golding/Golden/Goulding Family History on Facebook Many of today’s Goldens, Gouldings and Gauldens that originated in southeastern England started out as Goldings. This area (Essex, Sussex, Kent counties) was the original home to at least three great Golding lines in modern America that have a common ancestor in Sir Thomas Golding, 1435-1505. These three great lines … Read more