From BIG house to poor house … from a Golding in Glemsford, Suffolk to the East End of London

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Map - 1783 map of Glemsford on Hodgkinson map of 1783 - 300w jpgEconomies change. We make decisions. Where we start out is not where may expect to end up. This is one of those stories.

This is a unique video of discovery with Barbara Windsor searching for family. It does not start out about Goldings … but an unusual ancestor’s name Golding Deeks provides a hint as to where one part of the family line came from. Barbara follows the breadcrumbs.

The Golding part of this story starts about 14 minutes into the video and then dominates the storyline until the video’s end.

COMMENT: Barbara Windsor, the video’s storyteller, makes a rather strange comment that she just cannot imagine Golding being a Christian name. She seems to have only known Goldings as Jews. Reality is that almost all Jews that are named Golding have taken the name since 1850-1870. These Jews came from the Baltic region — which is a story in itself which I have covered elsewhere. The Golding name is not only a good Christian name but is intimately intertwined with the story of Protestant Reformation in England.

Featured within this video:

Elizabeth Golding
Birth 1776 in England, UK
Death Sep 1849 in Bures, Sudbury, Suffolk, England


William Deeks
Birth 28 Dec 1777 in Bures, Sudbury, Suffolk
Death 12 Jan 1854 in Bures, Sudbury, Suffolk

They had numerous children. The focus of this video is on:

Golding Deeks
Birth 20 Jun 1806 in Bures, Suffolk
Death Jun 1864 in Bethnal Green Workhouse (poor house), London


Elizabeth Golding’s parents:

Mark Golding
Birth 5 Apr 1743 in Glemsford, Suffolk
Death in ?? (Glemsford) Suffolk

Mother: Bath or Beth. No other info is available.


Elizabeth Golding’s grandparents:

Mark Golding
Birth 10 Feb 1711 in Glemsford, Suffolk
Death Abt Nov 1783 in Glemsford,​ Suffolk

Elizabeth Frost
Birth 29 May 1720 in Glemsford, Suffolk
Death aft 1760 in Glemsford, Suffolk


Elizabeth Golding’s greatgrandparents:

Mark Golding
Birth Mar 1676 in Cavendish, Suffolk,
Death 20 Nov 1678 in Glemsford, Suffolk

Margaret Chysal
Birth 15 May 1681 in Glemsford, Suffolk
Death aft 1711 in Glemsford, Suffolk


Elizabeth Golding’s greatgreatgrandparents:

John Golding
Birth 1631 in Glemsford, Suffolk
Death aft 1676 in Glemsford, Suffolk

Martha Griggs
Birth 1641 in Clare, Suffolk
Death aft 1676 in Glemsford, Suffolk


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