Abraham Goulden, Goulding and Golden, 1791-1870

Abraham Goulden was born about 1791 in Edgefield County, South Carolina, in what is now Saluda County, probably in the Beaverdam area which is where his parents lived.

YDNA Testing: A male Golden descendant has been tested at the 37 marker level.


William Goulden (c1750-1809) and Nellie (c1755-1812)


Wife: First wife’s name is unknown.


  • James Jeremiah Goulding (1813-1903)
    — Spelling of the family name for Jeremiah and his children was very flexible until after the Civil War in the 1860s. There seems to have been a preference for variations of the family name which included a ‘g’ at the end of the name.

Wife: Barbara Plymale (1810-1851)

About Barbara Plymale: Was she also Barbara Smith? This section to be updated based upon some new info that Abraham and Barbara had lived together for some years before actually marrying. When they did marry the name recorded was Barbry Smith, leading to the belief that Barbara Plymale had probably passed away. Needs more research. See Misc Notes.


  • David Golden (1839-????)
  • Hyrum Golden (1844-????)
  • Susan L. Golden (1846-????)
  • Abraham Golden (1847-1924)

Use of ‘Golden’ as the family name had become standard by the 1850 census.


1821 – Abraham Golden, and his brother Isaac Golden, are both recorded in a 1932 publication of early Georgia settler records by the Georgia Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR).

Inclusion in this book should not be construed as indicating there is a DAR record indicating military service during the American Revolution.

The question has long been outstanding as to whether their father William Goulden (Goulding) served in service during the American Revolution. There is a William Goulding that served in the 1st Spartan Regiment. Right place. Right time. Other members of our extended family also served in the Spartan Regiment. However, most service was not recognized until the 1830s when pensions were offered to survivors of the war or their widows. William and Nellie had both passed away well before this (1809 William, Nellie after 1812). Military service was usually proven only by requested letters of recognized co-service by other members of Rev War military units and lengthy questionnaires of being able to describe military campaign engagements and naming comrades and officers with the unit.

ADD IMAGE HERE: 1821 Land Lottery – Abraham and Isaac Golden


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