Genealogy – Goldens of Alabama – Misc Records – Marriages and a few deaths

Marriage Records of Jefferson County, Alabama, 1818-1864, compiled by Pauline Jones Gandrud, 1979, The Milestone Press, Memphis, TN.

William Vines Jr. and Nancy C. Golden married 18 Jan 1862; 19 Jan 1862  by Jacob Smith, J.P. at residence of Allen Golden; William Vines, bondsman; parties of age.

William H. Vines and Julia M. Smith married 17 Jul 1858; 18 Jul 1858 by Lindley Adams, J.P. at residence of Jacob Smith; J.T. Golden, bondsman; parties of age.

Willis Humber and Frances E. Smith married 24 Jan 1857; 5 Feb 1857 by John H. Waldrop, J.P., at Jacob Smiths; J.T. Golden, bondsman; parties of age.

William P. Hood and Harriett Hill married 21 Mar 1857; 25 Mar 1857 by Nelson Skelton, J.G., at residence of John Hill; William Golden, bondsman; parties of age.

John Hill and Harriett Golden married 4 Oct 1856; 13 Nov 1856 by James A. Bivens at residence of widow Golden; G.P. Kelley bondsman; parties of age.

William Golden and Frances S.E. Hood married 29 Nov 1856; 3 Dec 1856 by Nelson Skelton, M.G., at residence of Austin Hood; William P. Hood bondsman; William Golden of age; Miss Hoods father consents in writing.

M.H. Golden and Elizabeth J. Alexander married 2 Feb 1858; 4 Feb 1858 by Nelson Skelton, M.G. at residence of Milton Alexander; William Hood, bondsman; M.H. Golden of age; Miss Alexander’s father consents in writing.

Jesse T. Golden and Adaline Waldrop married 18 Mar 1861; 20 Mar 1861 by Henry G. Smith, M.G. at residence of Frederic Taylor; James Aaron, bondsman.

James E. Golden and Elizabeth J(ane) Waldrop married 12 Jan 1855; 18 Jan 1855 by H. G. Smith, M.G.; parties of age; Edmond C. Smith, bondsman.

Andrew J. Golden and Eveline Roberts married 7 Sep 1860; 8 Sep 1860 by M.N. Golden, J.P. at residence of Mr. A. Hood; Isaac A. Hood, bondsman; by consent in writing from Goldens mother – Miss Roberts of age.

Allen Golden and Martha Smith married 21 Jan 1833; by A.G. Waldrop J.P. Lic. #77.

Pp43: E(dmond) M. Gilmore and Polly Franklin married 1 Mar 1859; 10 Mar 1859 by A.M. Waldrop, J.P. at residence of Polly Franklin; parties of age; Allen Golden, bondsman.

Pp 32: James H. Doget and Elizabeth Glover married 7 Oct 1860; 8 Nov 1860 by M.H. Golden, J.P., at residence of Thomas Glover in this county; T. Doget bondsman; by consent of parents of each.

Pp 13: James H. Brasfield and Martha J. Williams married 13 Apr 1861; 14 Apr 1861 by M.M. Golden, J.P., at the residence of John Brassfield in this county; T.L.D. Williams, bondsman; parties of age.


Cemeteries of Madison County, Alabama, Volume I, compiled by Dorothy Scott Johnson, 1971, by Johnson Historical Publications.

Buried at Merrimack Cemetery, section 10-4S-1W, approximately center of NE/4 at the southwest corner of Dunn and Clopton Streets (southwest of Triana Blvd and Bob Wallace intersection) are:

Sarah J. Golden b. 11 Nov 1855 d. 16 Jan 1931 with stone marked as “our mother”.
Walter Golden, date 10 Feb 1932, stone marked “Ala, Pvt 101 Inf, 26 Div 

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