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Marriage Records of Jefferson County, Alabama, 1818-1864, compiled by Pauline Jones Gandrud, 1979, The Milestone Press, Memphis, TN.

William Vines Jr. and Nancy C. Golden married 18620118; 18620119 by Jacob Smith, J.P. at residence of Allen Golden; William Vines, bondsman; parties of age.

William H. Vines and Julia M. Smith married 18580717; 18580718 by Lindley Adams, J.P. at residence of Jacob Smith; J.T. Golden, bondsman; parties of age.

Willis Humber and Frances E. Smith married 18570124; 18570205 by John H. Waldrop, J.P., at Jacob Smiths; J.T. Golden, bondsman; parties of age.

William P. Hood and Harriett Hill married 18570321; 18570325 by Nelson Skelton, J.G., at residence of John Hill; William Golden, bondsman; parties of age.

John Hill and Harriett Golden married 18561004; 18561113 by James A. Bivens at residence of widow Golden; G.P. Kelley bondsman; parties of age.

William Golden and Frances S.E. Hood married 18561129; 18561203 by Nelson Skelton, M.G., at residence of Austin Hood; William P. Hood bondsman; William Golden of age; Miss Hoods father consents in writing.

M.H. Golden and Elizabeth J. Alexander married 18580202; 18580204 by Nelson Skelton, M.G. at residence of Milton Alexander; William Hood, bondsman; M.H. Golden of age; Miss Alexanders father consents in writing.

Jesse T. Golden and Adaline Waldrop married 18610318; 18610320 by Henry G. Smith, M.G. at residence of Frederic Taylor; James Aaron, bondsman.

James E. Golden and Elizabeth J(ane) Waldrop married 18550112; 18550118 by H. G. Smith, M.G.; parties of age; Edmond C. Smith, bondsman.

Andrew J. Golden and Eveline Roberts married 18600907; 18600908 by M.N. Golden, J.P. at residence of Mr. A. Hood; Isaac A. Hood, bondsman; by consent in writing from Goldens mother – Miss Roberts of age.

Allen Golden and Martha Smith married 18330121; by A.G. Waldrop J.P. Lic. #77.

Pp43: E(dmond) M. Gilmore and Polly Franklin married 18590301; 18590310 by A.M. Waldrop, J.P. at residence of Polly Franklin; parties of age; Allen Golden, bondsman.

Pp 32: James H. Doget and Elizabeth Glover married 18601007; 18601108 by M.H. Golden, J.P., at residence of Thomas Glover in this county; T. Doget bondsman; by consent of parents of each.

Pp 13: James H. Brasfield and Martha J. Williams married 18610413; 18610414 by M.M. Golden, J.P., at the residence of John Brassfield in this county; T.L.D. Williams, bondsman; parties of age.


Cemeteries of Madison County, Alabama, Volume I, compiled by Dorothy Scott Johnson, 1971, by Johnson Historical Publications.

Buried at Merrimack Cemetery, section 10-4S-1W, approximately center of NE/4 at the southwest corner of Dunn and Clopton Streets (southwest of Triana Blvd and Bob Wallace intersection) are:
Sarah J. Golden b. 18551111 d. 19310116 with stone marked as “our mother”.
Walter Golden, date 19320210, stone marked “Ala, Pvt 101 Inf, 26 Div


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