Can we know some of our ancestor’s past via genetics?

I do not claim to know anything of my ancestors via some natural knowledge, but have met genealogists that say they are drawn to genealogy because of some deep connection to their past.

Put another way: with DNA … can some people be sensitive to their ancestral past via their DNA?  Can some even inherit certain skills or a natural affinity for knowledge? Science has a name for this and research is active in ‘Genetic Memory’.

>>> BTW: DNA is so good at remembering things that one day our computers may come with DNA-based memory.

If DNA can carry memories, and we are a constant combination of changing DNA from the past at the time of birth … then … sounds crazy, eh?!

Research is actively underway to develop Computer Science DNA Memory systems (NIH). Some of the science and research can be found here.

>>> So keep this in mind as you watch StarTrek Discovery and the ship’s computer gets recognized in the 4th season as a sentient being because it develops ______ (you will just have to watch).

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