John “Jackie” D. Keeling, Belleview IL, 1961-2021

Ilinois and Kentucky — John “Jackie” D. Keeling (59) passed away on 8 Nov at Belleville, Illinois – born Friday, 1 Dec 1961, in East St. Louis, IL. John was preceded in death by his parents, Jackie and Aurelia, nee Janosky, Keeling and his brother, Joseph C. Keeling.

>>> This Keeling line descends from Keelings of Graves County, Kentucky who relocated to Illinois at Belleview in the early 1930s. Grandparents: James Henry “Jack” Keeling, 1890–1971, and Georgia May Fuller, 1895–1971 … Great-grandparents: James H “Jim” Keeling, 1852–1898, and Alice M Ritter, 1854–1928.

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