American Indian Wars Military Service

The following served their country during the American Indian Wars:

Golden, Bernard – Private, Company M, 7th U.S. Calvary
Birth: 1842, Cavan, Ireland
Prior Occupation: Unknown
Enlistment: 5 October 1875
Role During Battle:  In valley and hilltop fights of Battle of Little Big Horn; survived the battle.

Golden, James – Private, Company A, 3rd U.S. Cavalry
Role: Campaign of 1876

Golden, Patrick – Sergeant, Company B, 8th U.S. Calvary. Medal of Honor
Place and Date: Arizona, August to October 1868.
Entered Service: Not listed.
Place of Birth: Ireland.
MOH Date of Issue: 24 July 1869.
Citation: Bravery in scouts and actions against Indians.

Golden, Patrick M. – Private, Company D,  7th U.S. Calvary
Place of Birth: 1849, Sligo, Ireland
Entered Service: Slater, 22 January 1872
KIA: Killed in hilltop fight, 26 June 1876, Little Bighorn Battlefield, Montana
Last Stand Hill, Little Bighorn Battlefield, Montana

Goldin, Theodore W. – Private, Troop G, 7th U.S. Calvary Medal of Honor
Place and Date: Little Big Horn, Montana, 26 June 1876.
Entered Service: Chicago, Illinois
Born: 25 July 1858, Avon, Rock County, Wisconsin.
MOH Date of Issue: 21 December 1895,  Battle of Little Big Horn.
Citation: One of a party of volunteers who, under heavy fire from the Indians, went for and brought water to the wounded.

American Indian Wars is the name used in the United States to describe the multiple conflicts between American settlers or the federal government and the native peoples of North America from the time of earliest colonial settlement until approximately 1890.