1730+ Elizabeth Noel marries FNU Gouldman aka Goulden

Occupacia, Caroline and Essex County, Virginia

Daniel Noel, 1665–1755
Elizabeth Elliott, 1670–1752

Daughter Elizabeth Noel married a FNU Gouldman per the Winston Family History, 1924. No year is given for the marriage. Elizabeth would have been approximately 17 in 1730

Martha Tomlin, 1680–1721, widow of Edward Gouldman, 1660–1710, would marry into the Winston family.

— It is unlikely that FNU Gouldman was named Thomas as Edward and Martha Gouldman had a son named Thomas Gouldman, 1705-1729. This Thomas died young, probably not long prior to FNU Gouldman and Elizabeth Noel marrying. Their son may have named in his honor.

The Gouldmans and Noels were neighbors in the Occupacia, Virginia area. This is a difficult area to place exactly on a map as Occupacia creek winds through the countryside. There is no actual place called ‘Occupacia’. Google Maps will show you Occupacia North, Virginia if you try to look for it — this is generally the center of the Occupacia Creek area.

Daniel Noel, father of Elizabeth Noel, his land is better defined as ‘… Popoman Swamp adjoining lands of Benjamin Boulware, and land of Smith and Vawter …’  

I believe FNU Gouldman to be our Grandfather Goulden, nee Gouldman. We do not know his name either but he would either go by the name of Thomas or would have a son named Thomas Golden, settling in the Newberry, South Carolina area 1760-1761.

Numerous DNA connections with Daniel and Elizabeth Elliot Noel exist across multiple Ancestry test takers within our large Golden family of circa 1780/90 branches descending from the children of William, c1750-1809, and Nellie Golden, d.aft 1810.

Relevant info: https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/52495448/person/362034649646/facts

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Got info? Bill Golden Norfolk1956@gmail.com

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