Military Service Vietnam War

Vietnam War Service Veterans

If you know of those that served in the war that should be listed please let me know:

The Vietnam War generation is still young enough that those that survived and came back to us is not yet public information.

GOLDEN, Barry Leigh, SP4, US Army, KIA

GOLDEN, Carroll Eugene, USAF, born July 24, 1934; died January 11, 2015. Served in USAF for 22 years, and was a Master Sergeant upon discharge. Served in Vietnam, and was awarded the Bronze Star.



GOLDEN, SGT Charles Edward, US Army
Relationship: 4th cousin
Birth August 17, 1949 in Knoxville, Knox, Tennessee
Death 29 May 2001 in Knoxville, Knox, Tennessee


GOLDEN, SSG Donald Lewis, KIA

GOLDEN, PFC George Kenneth, US Army, KIA

GOLDEN, Jack Duane, PFC, US Army, KIA

GOLDEN, Jimmy Lee, PFC, US Army, KIA

GOLDEN, John Michael, SP4, US Army, KIA

GOLDEN, Kenneth D Jr, SP4, US Army, KIA

GOLDEN, Kenneth Edward, 2LT, US Army, KIA

GOLDEN, Mervin Dennis, SSG, US Army, KIA

GOLDEN, Robert Walter, CPL, USMC, KIA

GOLDEN, Ronald Duane, SP4, US Army, KIA

GOLDEN, William Joseph, SP4, US Army, KIA

GOLDER, Edward Enoch III, 1LT, US Army, KIA

GOLDING, James Richard, SSG, US Army, KIA

GOLDING, Jerry Boggie, SP4, US Army, KIA

GOULDIN, Thomas Milton, CPL, US Army, KIA