Thomas Golding, c1869 England to 1939 Kankakee, Illinois, USA

Immigrated as a baby from England to Kankakee, Illinois c1871-1873 … parents of Thomas Golding are unknown BUT another English Golding family also came to Kankakee from England at the same time. Children of both families are of similar age.
In two different  censuses, Thomas gave 1871 and 1873 as the year he came over from England … and gave as his birth year 1869 and 1870. Genealogies list both years but agree on November 12th as his birthday.
We may not know who Thomas Golding‘s parents are BUT his uncle and aunt may be George Golding 1838–1917 and Sarah A. Venables 1840–1929 … they are at the right time and right place to be his parents. There is no Thomas listed among their children.
George and Sarah Venable Golding came from England and settled in Kankakee, Illinois. Children of same birth years, but no Thomas listed among them. They have a child born during Thomas’ birth years 1869/70. It may be that a larger Golding family came to the USA together — and these are Thomas’ aunt and uncle.
I do not know of immigration or naturalization records for any of the above Goldings — but neither have I searched too hard for them. Not present within Ancestry search results.
Thomas Golding and Nettie Brown family

There are no hints as to the parentage of Thomas Golding. No known immigration record — although one probably exists since he arrived from England from 1871-1873.

Married to Nettie Brown, 1879-1939, in 1896 at Kankakee, Illinois, where Nettie was born.


  • Clyde Francis Golding, 1897–1980
  • Verne S. Golding, 1903–1976
  • Ruth Irene Golding, 1910–1995

Genealogies for George Golding, 1838-1917, do indicate parents: Thomas Golding and Mary Ladds.

Married 1863 in England to Sarah A. Venables, 1840-1929, also of English birth at Devon. 


  • James Henry Golding, 1864–
  • John Golding, 1866–
  • Mary Kate Golding, 1868–
  • Edward Golding, 1871–1940
  • George Robert Golding, 1878–
  • Asa Sylvester Golding, 1882–
  • Fanny Golding, 1885–1900
George Golding and Sara Venables

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