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Western North Carolina: A History (from 1730 to 1913)
John Preston Arthur – Published January 1, 1914
Edwards & Broughton Printing Company – Publisher

Western North Carolina: A History (from 1730 to 1913)This is a FREE 713 page ebook that covers settlement of western North Carolina for the time period that Nathaniel Green Golden (NGG), 1812-1882/3, and three generations of his ancestors (probably) lived there. I do not expect to find NGG in the book (it could happen) but perhaps the book will give some hint about his world — which will lead us to finding out more information about where to look, and what to look for.

NGG was supposedly born in what we know as Pickens, South Carolina. There is no reason to doubt that. However, this is not a South Carolina story. Four states meet all within 60 miles on one another: Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. In almost every place that NGG lived, the next county over was often in the next state over.

A good starting point for learning more about NGG’s life is the keyword ‘Cheoah‘ which was both the township that he lived in at the end of his life (1879-1882) and that his family lived in through about 1905.

Another rumor was that NGG was adopted into the Cherokee tribe. Graham County was once part of/formed from Cherokee County and much of its population during NGG’s time was indeed made up of Cherokee.

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Western North Carolina History
Author John Preston Arthur, published January 1, 1914 by Edwards & Broughton Printing Company – Publisher

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