Edward Keeling married to Mary Warriner not the son of Thomas Keeling and Anne Thorowgood

Keelings and Gouldmans — Close Gouldman family associate and godparent to Gouldman son, husband of Mary Wariner: Edward Keeling of Essex County, Virginia, c1640-1687 is NOT the son of Thomas Keeling 1608–1664 and Anne Thorowgood Keeling Bray 1618–1683 despite many online genealogies claiming it to be so.

In preparation of her own LWT document of March 1683, Ann Bray notes that sons Edward and Thomas Keeling are “some years since deceased.”

When Essex County’s Edward Keeling died in 1687 he left a trust fund of sorts, a valuable cow named ‘Pretty’ along with all of her increase to specifically pay for the education of Edward Gouldman. Edward Gouldman and Edward Keeling would also inherit land together from the Wariner estate, and Edward Keeling would serve as estate administrator for Thomas Gouldman.

Edward Keeling Ann Bray Thorowgood Keeling

Norfolk Co., D & W 4 1675-1686.
p. 160 a. 18 Mar 1683. 

I ANN BRAY, widow of Linhaven in the Co. of Lower Norfolk. Whereas my former late husband THOS. KEELING dec. in his last will and testament gave and bequeathed to me the said Ann all and singular divident tract, etc of land whereon he then lived and after my decease to our sons THOMAS and EDWARD KEELING who are likewise some years since deceased. “I have now grown aged” and therefore in consideration of natural affection I have and bear to my son ALEXANDER KEELING ye only surviving son of my late deceased husband THOMAS KEELING have granted to him all right and interest which I have in the lands belonging to my late husband Thomas Keeling. Last day of Feb. 1682. Wits: Jno. Carpenter, Robt. Lane, Dan A H Hays.

Appoint my loving son-in-law Lt. Coll. Anthony Lawson attorney to acknowledge this deed. Last day of Feb. 1683/4.


Notes: Lynhaven Princess Anne County, Johnathan Carpenter, Jonathan Carpenter, Robert Lane

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