Golden and Goldings as Quakers

Suspect your Goldens of being a Quaker? … Quakers kept amazingly detailed records about their members and their families.

Chances are that your ‘Golden’ was not a Quaker … records are available that indicate some few Goldens were Quakers from 1729 onward … these Goldens lived mostly in Pennsylvania and westward … no indication of Southern Quaker Goldens.

>> There is one confirmed Southern Quaker: Sarah Golden was admitted to the Lost Creek congregation on 30 Dec 1826 (“30 Twelfth 1826”) at Jefferson, Tennessee, as recorded in the Lost Creek Quarterly Meeting.

List of Goldens known to be Quakers: … Goldens as Quakers … there were some … northern Goldings not southern Goldings … you can find their records on …  

List of Goldings known to be Quakers: Goldings as Quakers … there were some … northern Goldings not southern Goldings … you can find their records on … 

List of Gouldings known to be Quakers: All appear to live in Pennsylvania … you can find their records on … 

January 1827Sarah Golden of Jefferson County, Tennessee ‘Lost Creek’ congregation requests permission to go to the Vermillion Monthly Meeting … essentially, she asked permission to be allowed to move and to join the Vermillion (possibly Ohio or probably Illinois) congregation.

>> In opposition to slavery, most southern Quakers had moved from the South by 1815. Ohio offered equal amounts of land to what was previously owned by southern Quakers moving there. By 1830 Quakerism was mostly a memory in the South.

A Quaker could not just pick up and move without references of their character. As a ‘friend’ they were expected to have lived the lives they preached. All talk and no walk was not accepted practice.

Sarah Golden Jefferson County Tennessee 1827 Quaker


What do Quakers believe?per one definition: “Quakers believe that there is something of God in everybody and that each human being is of unique worth. This is why Quakers value all people equally, and oppose anything that may harm or threaten them. Quakers seek religious truth in inner experience, and place great reliance on conscience as the basis of morality.

Quakers as ‘Friends’: … Jesus said, “You are my friends if you do what I command you” (John 15:14).

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