Barbara A. Gouldman and Goulden – Any Proof She Existed?

Got info about Barbara A. Gouldman, aka Barbara A. Goulden, c1720-1794?

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~~~ GEDMatch: AT2898804 or A097615 ~~~ please set cM to 3 before searching.

At least three genealogies list her parents as Francis Gouldman 1695/1706–1763 and Winifred Claiborne 1714–1770.

~~~ Association of a daughter named Barbara with Francis Gouldman and Winifred Claiborne is something that I have noticed appearing just since 2020. No sources are provided.

~~~ Oddly, the birth/death dates of c1720-1794 are associated with Barbara A. Gouldman. These are the dates associated with Barbara A. Goulden, AND are considered accurate dates.

Multiple genealogies of the Rains family exist with no claimed parents for Barbara Goulden, nor can she be found by name in any documentation.


~~~ Our Goldens (Gouldens) ARE associated and probably descended from the Gouldmans. Our Goldens also have MANY DNA matches with Gouldman family members declaring descent from Francis Gouldman and Winifred Claiborne, and his parents Edward Gouldman, after 1660–1710, and Martha Tomlin, 1680–1721.

~~~~~~ DNA matches of our Goldens also exist with Claibornes (Clayborn) and Tomlin (Tomblin, Tomberlin) descendants.

~~~ Specifically, numerous DNA matches exist with Francis Gouldman  and Winifred Claiborne across all of our Golden family lines across branches that came into being during the late 1700s. Our Goldens also have MANY DNA matches with Rains family members declaring descent from Barbara Goulden and husband John Henry Rains.

~~~ TECHNICALITY: Due to the year of their birth and Barbara’s period of birth, Francis Gouldman and Winifred Claiborne cannot be the parents of any Barbara born before 1726-1730. Francis could have been a father in 1720, but it would have been when he was age 14 or thereabouts. Winifred was born in 1714 so she would not be having a child in 1720 — she did have a child in 1728 at age 14 or 15.

~~~ Gouldman and Rains: We do know that these families had interaction, specifically in 1716 when Francis Gouldman c1658-1716, brother and estate administrator to the late Edward Gouldman, born after 1660-1710, had a legal ‘agreement’ with William Rains that was brought before the Essex County Court. Nature of the ‘agreement’ is unknown.


>>> Some genealogies claim that Barbara A. Goulden‘s parents were Thomas W Goulden Jr (1698–1776) and Ellen Goulden Walker (1700–), both are from Cheshire, England. THIS IS AN ERROR which I probably created back in 2013 while researching Barbara Goulden. I included this information in my own genealogy for research purposes and some adopted it as being fact. There is always the stray chance that it is correct but I sincerely doubt it now due to DNA testing and further research on the Rains family.

Barbara A. Goulden c1720-1794 married a John Henry Rains 1715–1785 about 1735 in the Essex or Culpeper county area. This marriage is not recorded but the lives of their children are. They seem to know that their grandmother was named Barbara — which is a statistically very rare name for a woman in Virginia and the Carolinas of the 1700s.


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