Jobs That No Longer Exist, or New Names

Ever run across reference to ‘William was a ___ for 20 years’ and you have no clue what that was?

Someone has compiled a list of those jobs with an explanation.

Some examples:

  • BATMAN – officers servant in the army
  • BILLIER / BILLYMAN – operated a Billy Roller, a machine used in the cotton industry to prepare the cotton for spinning
  • CARTWRIGHT – maker of carts & wagons

Some of these jobs still do exist, but we call them something else today.

  • MUDLARK – sewer cleaner, riverbank scavenger
  • NIMGIMMER – doctor
  • PETERMAN – fisherman

Or, the job sounds familiar but the actual job is something different.

  • PASTOR – shepherd
  • QUARREL PICKER – glazier

View a loooooooooong list of job titles and their description on Rootsweb.

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