Captain William Keeling and The Red Dragon

The ‘Red Dragon‘ … built in 1595 … commanded by Captain William Keeling in 1607 … the ship’s name was originally ‘Mare Scourge’ (Scourge of the Seas) … and it was indeed a ship to be feared with its 38 cannons aboard …

Captain William Keeling (1577 – 19 Sep 1619) led a number of expeditions to the East Indies for the East India Company. He used the Red Dragon as his command ship from 1607-1610 and again later in 1615-1617. He retired to England just in time … a Dutch fleet caught up with the Red Dragon in 1619 and sunk her.

>>> Not so well known among American Keelings, but legendary among those of modern English descent. Just earlier today I had a family descended from Keelings ask if I could find any connection between them and the good Captain William Keeling.

About Captain William Keeling: 

About The Red Dragon:

Image of The Red Dragon: Wood-cut of the Red Dragon, captain Lancaster, in the Strait of Malacca, anno 1602–From the Dutch collection of East-India voyages, 1645–6. Image is in the public domain. 

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