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DNA can tell a story.

My male YDNA lineage is R1b1a2a1a1c1a1 U106/S21/DF98 … which subbranches as follows:  Z381 > Z156 > Z306 > Z304 > DF98 > S18823 > FGC20588 > R-FGC20581 > R-BY103979.

Per the SNP Tracker, these are our world travels through the time SNP Grandfather R-FGC20581 came into life, and then passed on his genetic mutation to his son(s).

Z156 > Z306 > Z304 > DF98 > S18823 > FGC20588 > R-FGC20581″ width=”300″ height=”191″ /> Screenshot from SNP Tracker for historical path of Z381 > Z156 > Z306 > Z304 > DF98 > S18823 > FGC20588 > R-FGC20581

Grandfather R-FGC20581 Goes Ice Fishing

For reasons only known to a son or grandson of Grandfather R-FGC20581, after living for almost 2000 years in the area of what is today the BENELUX, a branch of the family migrated to what is modern Sweden.

Grandfathers R-U106 and R-DF98 had lived in the Germany region prior to the BENELUX years from about 2900-2700 BC … TIME PERSPECTIVE: the Pyramids of Giza were built between 2550 to 2490 BC … by the time the pyramids were being built, we had already been living in northwestern Europe for 4-500 years prior to the first stone of the pyramids being lain.


A good question: How do we know the path taken by our grandfathers or grandmothers?

Simple answer: DNA genetic changes are cumulative. Think of it like a grandfather collecting very unique jelly beans. Each new generation inherits a copy of the jelly beans already collected. Some of your grandchildren move on. Some do not. Each collect their own unique jelly beans. The new jelly beans will be completely different than any collected before. The new will be added to the inherited ones. By comparing population samples and who has/has not certain jelly beans you can backward track the path taken by your ancestors.

DNA Jelly Beans

Grandfather R-FGC20581’s Choice Meant Genetic Isolation

Grandfather R-FGC20581’s choice in going to what is now Sweden brought about isolation of family. It brought about isolation in opportunities to grow the family. In some ways, the choice represented a form of stability too: less environmental change and fewer encounters with other people meant that the need for genetic diversification came almost to a halt. This is not good or bad. It is what it is.

After 2700+ years, there are only 15 known yDNA SNP matches worldwide (2020) that descend from Grandfather R-FGC20581. Just one match exists in the USA. … There are of course many more but just not DNA-tested.

By contrast, Grandfather R-FGC20581’s great-grandfather was R-S18823 … he has many existing DNA-tested descendants.

Jelly Beans! We know the R-S18823 matches in the British Isles and northwestern Europe are cousins and not descendants of Scandinavian Grandfather R-FGC20581 because they have no R-FGC20581 jelly bean in their collection.

MAP - SNP R-S18823 and grandson SNP R-FGC20581

Grandfather R-S18823 has 252 known SNP-matches worldwide … Grandfather R-S18823 lived only about 200 years before his great-grandson R-FGC20581 … yet R-S18823 has 96% more descendants by not going to Scandinavia, but remaining in the BENELUX region and eventually migrating to the British Isles.

We have Swedish and Norwegian cousins to Grandfather R-FGC20581.

The Swedish descendants have seen further genetic SNPs develop among their SNP grandsons. It appears the Norwegians have not. A guesstimate is that our time in Scandinavia became isolated, even if genetically stable over the last 2000+ years, and Norway may well have been our homeland before our adventures in the British Isles.

British Isles and the SNP Tracker

The SNP Tracker was not of assistance in identifying male line matches and kin, although certainly they do exist from SNP grandfather’s R-Z381, R-Z156, R-Z306, R-Z307, R-Z304, R-DF98, and R-S18823.

These grandfathers are the Germanic and BENELUX grandfathers (4600-2800 BC) that preceded Scandinavian Grandfather R-FGC20581 in time by almost 1900 years before his approximate birth.

Our male line did eventually make it to British Isles in the areas east of Wales. A good guess would be between 860-1100AD . 

And that is how you use the SNP Tracker at http://scaledinnovation.com/gg/snpTracker.html to help you discover your male or female line’s journey across time and the world.

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