1780 – Who were the parents of John Golden born c1780 in South Carolina?

DNA matches via Ancestry indicate that John Golden born c1780 in South Carolina may be related to the William and Nellie Golden family (c1750-1809) of Newberry-Saluda, South Carolina.

DNA matches are available from descendants of Julia Caledonia Golden, 1880 AL-1975 TX, married to Frank Lee McGee, 1883–1973.

Julia’s line is Franklin DeLain Golden 1851-1927 < Samuel S. Golden 1819-1896 < John Golden 1780-1850.

Julia Caledonia Golden

No known male Golden descendants of this line have yet been identified as having taken a yDNA test.

DNA matching with tests such as Ancestry, 23andMe and other tests can indicate a relationship with Julia’s descendants.

Julia’s parents:

Franklin DeLain Golden, 1851–1927
BIRTH 24 JUL 1851 • Pike, Alabama
DEATH 10 JUNE 1927 • Hill County, Texas

Martha Isabel Snider, 1847–1913
BIRTH 25 NOV 1847 • Pike, Alabama
DEATH 11 SEPTEMBER 1913 • Mexia, Limestone, Texas

Snider family matches from Ancestry.com for the same Snider line can be found in DNA matches of multiple William and Nellie Golden descendants.

John Golden, c1780-1850

Not much is known about John Golden. There was a John Golden living in Camden District of South Carolina in 1780 — no township is listed. This would not have been the John Golden born in 1780 … but we have no real way to know if there is some relationship.

Camden District of 1780 was to the east of the Ninety-Six District where the William and Nellie Golden family lived in the Newberry-Saluda area, although often identified as living in the Edgefield District.

South Carolina Districts 1769-1784 Map

South Carolina Districts 1769-1784 … Map Source: South Carolina Archives – Districts from 1769-1784

John Golden’s wife was Gracie Snowden, also born about 1780 (1780 SC–1860 AL). We do not know Gracie’s place of  birth other than South Carolina. Her parents lived further east in Cedar Swamp, Williamsburg District, South Carolina, now Williamsburg County, Zip Code 29556.

Together they had at least three sons, all born in Alabama after 1819:

  • Samuel Snowden Golden, 1819–1896, married to:
    Epsey Irene Kelly, 1821–1895
  • James Golden, 1820–1880, married to:
    Dorcas A (Dillie) Hughes, 1821–1905
  • Miles Golden, 1825–???
    — there was a Miles Golden working in agriculture in Pike, Pike County, Alabama on 2 Dec 1850 but nothing more is known.


yDNA can solve this!

Some genealogies indicate belief that John Golden‘s parents were Elender Eli Golden (Gwaltney) (1729–1829) and a mother whose name is unknown, claimed to be a Cherokee born c1745. 

Both the Eli Elender Golden (Gwaltney) and William and Nellie Golden family males have been yDNA tested. They are not related. Knowing your yDNA type can match to one of these two families, or not. 

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