Ida Olive Potter Keeling, 1915-2021, Harlem, New York

Keelings — Run, Ida, Run!!Miss Ida, as she was known throughout her life, passed away in late August 2021 at 106 years old. Miss Ida set a record at age 102 in 2018 for the 60-yard dash by being first person over age 100 to compete.
Ida Keeling set 6 race records in her life. Born 1915 on New York’s Upper West Side, Miss Ida grew up in Harlem and was born Ida Olive Potter., daughter of Richardson Osborne Potter, 1886–1963, and Mary Clementina George, 1888–1934.
As a family historian for the Keelings, and others, am always learning ‘I didn’t know that’ stuff.

Married to the late Lawrence Charles Keeling, 1915–1959, and Darrell Richardson, 1914-1979.

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