Capt Thomas Gouldman Estate, 1687, Keeling Replaced as Administrator

June 1st, 1687 — The Old Rappahanock Court ordered Mary Warriner Keeling, widow of Edward Keeling to deliver every scrap of paper as they belong to the estate of Captain Thomas Gouldman: “…make true discovery and deliver up … all & every such papers bills & accts…”.

Edward Keeling may have been Thomas Gouldman‘s lawyer or accountant, or both, as well as Gouldman estate administrator.  

The court order and request for records came after Edward Keeling’s 1687 death.

Gouldman - Keeling 1687 Essex Virginia

Captain Thomas Gouldman (born c1640) passed away in 1684. Edward Keeling appears to have become his estate administrator at that time. This is the first known direct association of the Gouldman and Keeling families, although it is suspected that it began decades earlier.

No known last will and testament (LWT) was left behind by Gouldman, still young, only in his 40s … but one existed with Edward Keeling as the Administrator as evidenced by the court order of June 1, 1687.

Edward Keeling had been in poor health himself and prepared his own LWT in April 1687. His will is introduced into probate on 1 June 1687. Wife Mary Warriner is named as executrix and Joshua Davis is her assistant.


Mentioned in this legal excerpt:

Edward Keeling — died 1687; it has been assumed that this is the same Edward Keeling born c1640 in Lynhaven, Princess Anne, Lower Norfolk, Virginia to Thomas Keeling and Anne Thorowgood. This would be a good assumption, but an unproven one with no piece of evidence indicating this to be so. There were other Keelings living in the Old Rappahannock region, including on the Maryland side of the Potomac River. However, an Edward Keeling from Princess Anne (then Lower Norfolk) would be appropriate as Thomas Gouldman was a Burgess at Williamsburg and the Keelings were equally active in politics at Williamsburg. Edward Keeling married to Mary Wariner in 1676 in Old Rappahanock County.

Henry Awbrey — c1625 Wales – 1692/94 Westmoreland County, VA, father-in-law to Thomas Gouldman, and father of Thomas’ wife Alice Awbrey, c1643 Wales, d1698 Rappahannock, Essex County, Virginia.

Joshua Davis — Joshua has some relationship or association with the Keeling family. He is named in Edward Keeling’s will of 1687, proven June 1687, as being owed 200 pounds of Tobacco. Wife Mary Warriner is named as Edward’s executrix and Joshua Davis is her assistant.

Mary Keeling — nee Warriner, born circa 1650 at Sittingbourne Parish, Old Rappahannock Co., VA, and passed Sep 1726 at St. Anne’s Parish, Essex County, VA. May have been a cousin or even an aunt of Thomas Gouldman. When Mary’s father Ralph Warriner died (1677) he split his land between Gouldman and Keeling with the Occupacia Creek, Rappahanock River being the dividing line as to who got what property.

Samuel Blomfield (Bloomfield)Capt Samuel Blomfield is known to be associated with the Awbrey family during this time period 1686-1687. He participated in other Awbrey estate legal matters (1686). His exact relationship, if any, is unknown.

Thomas Gouldman — Overachiever in his lifetime. Born into unexplained wealth, became owner of large amounts of land almost immediately upon reaching age 21, was Virginia Burgess, cofounder of the Port of Tappannock, export/import (?) business with an Irish merchant in Ulster, Ireland (probably exported tobacco, inherited numerous fine items when the merchant passed away), and served in a number of public roles locally. Participant in the failed attempt to overthrow Virginia’s government: known as Bacon’s Rebellion, but does not seem to have played any role which earned significant punishment.

Born c1640 per a legal deposition given later in life in which he stated his current age, c1640 based upon math. Passed away in 1684 without a last will and testatment. Married to Alice Awbry. There are NO records indicating any prior family in Virginia with a name similar to Gouldman — there are numerous unaccounted for Golding and Goldens.

Thomas New — No info.

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