Mini-Biographies – Keelings

Knowing who was where and when … is a start in the right direction to connecting with kin.

Captain William Keeling and The Red Dragon

Captain William Keeling and The Red Dragon The ‘Red Dragon‘ … built in 1595 … commanded by Captain William Keeling in 1607 … the ship’s name was originally ‘Mare Scourge’ (Scourge of the Seas) … and it was indeed a ship to be feared with its 38 cannons aboard … Captain William Keeling (1577 –

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Keeling Replaced as Administrator of Capt Thomas Gouldman Estate, 1687

Capt Thomas Gouldman Estate, 1687, Keeling Replaced as Administrator June 1st, 1687 — The Old Rappahanock Court ordered Mary Warriner Keeling, widow of Edward Keeling to deliver every scrap of paper as they belong to the estate of Captain Thomas Gouldman: “…make true discovery and deliver up … all & every such papers bills & accts…”.

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Keeling Tree Chaos – William Tyler Keeling, c1710-1820

Keeling Tree Chaos – William Tyler Keeling, c1710-1820 KEELING TREE CHAOS — Parents, wives and any children of William Tyler Keeling, c1710-1820, appear to be unconfirmable.  While I believe that he descends from the Princess Anne, Virginia, Keelings there is no documentary evidence for that, and genealogy trees for him are so contradictory and lacking

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Keelings Arriving in Americas

Edward Keeling arrives in Virginia at New Kent County, in 1680 … 1680 Jul 10: … Edward Keeling … Richard Clark, 736 acs., New Kent Co., S. side of Yorke Riv., at the mouth of little cr., where it falls into Skimino Cr; adj. William Whitmore; land formerly Arthur Price’s, neare the Labour in Vaine Path, &c; 10 July 1680, p. 42. Trans. of 15 pers: Samll Higins (or Stigins) [Samuel Higgins / Stigins], Walter Patso, Nich. Young, Ben. Heath [Benjamin Heath], Tim. Boyter [Timothy Boyter], Tim. Hatches [Timothy Hatches], Ed. Keeling [Edward Keeling], Rich. Gregory [Richard Gregory], Rob. Smith [Robert Smith], Jno. Hailes [Jonathan / Johnathan Cooke], Danll. Ware [Daniel Ware], Jos. Fellowes [Joseph Fellowes]; “one more”.

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