Orphaned Goldman and Gouldman Family Lines

Research continues on these lines to determine their origin:

+++ Bailey Goldman (Golemon), 1776 SC – after 1830 SC or 1845 MS … married to Massey “Massa” LNU 1774 SC – aft.1850 SC … unsourced genealogies claim his mother was from Spotsylvania VA: Sarah (Jane Abigail) Gholson … 

+++ Orphaned Madison County, Alabama area Gouldman siblings. Mother was Nancy Ann Parker, 1801–1842, born King and Queen County, Virginia,  and passed away 15 Feb 1842 at either Arkansas, or Limestone County, Alabama. Her brother Samuel Parker, of Virginia. … a story is that the Gouldman father was named Robert Gouldman, but no documentation for that. Supposedly he had gone on to Arkansas to scout a place to settle. Never returned. Then supposedly mom went off in search of him, and she never returned. It is unlikely that a mother with very young and preteen children is going to run off in the wilderness and leave her children behind. For whatever unrecorded reason, Mom Parker-Gouldman passes away in 1842 and her brother takes the children under his wing.

This hybrid Gouldman-Parker family did not seem to want to for much. Samuel Parker took good care of the children and provided them an education and they (some) had an endowment as they reached adulthood.

As the children age, their guardians are recorded in the Madison County, Alabama court records.

++++++++++ Frances A. Gouldman (Samuel Parker, Guardian 1842), abt. 1820–

++++++++++ Joseph Gouldman (Samuel Parker, Guardian 1842), abt. 1826–1863

++++++++++ William F. Gouldman Golden (Robert Parker Guardian), bef. 1831–1847

++++++++++ Robert Gouldman, bef. 1831–1875 … was not included in the guardianship … or maybe I missed seeing that.

++++++++++ Charlotte Gouldman (Samuel Parker, Guardian 1842), 1832–1895

++++++++++ George C. Gouldman (Samuel Parker, Guardian 1842), 1834–1853

++++++++++ Martha Gouldman (Samuel Parker, Guardian 1842), 1838–

+++ James Edward Gouldman, 1774-1855 … born 1774 at Buckingham County, Virginia, and passed Nov 1855 at Appomatox, Virginia. Married to Almira L Thompson, 1790–1845.

+++ Robert Gouldman, 1803-1838 … born 1803 in Virginia, passed Nov 1838 at Arkansas or Virginia. Supposed father to the many Gouldman orphans above. Married to Nancy Ann Parker, 1801–1842. This Robert Gouldman is a complete mystery, with no clues as to his own parents, even though he lived in the midst of Virginia Gouldmans until the family went to Alabama.

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