Eleanor Golden Warren, c1745-1809, Clouds Creek, Saluda, SC

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Woman SilouetteSouth Carolina – Saluda/Edgefield – c1745

Which Golden family does Eleanor Golden belong to?

Family history records for William Warren and Eleanor Golden (b c1745–d1809) indicate that Eleanor Golden Warren passed away in 1809 while living on Clouds Creek.

This association with Clouds Creek may be correct or it may be in error.

Eleanor Ellender Golden (maiden name unknown, died after 1811) and husband William Golden (Goulden) lived just off Clouds Creek, with Beaverdam Creek on one side of their property. This area is in modern day Saluda County (Edgefield before 1895) near to the Saluda River and Newberry.

Eleanor Golden Warren

?? Which Golden family does Eleanor Golden come from?

BIRTH ABT. 1745 • Edgefield, Edgefield County, SC
DEATH 25 OCT 1809 • Clouds Creek, Edgefield County (Saluda since 1895), SC

Eleanor Golden and William Warren married about 1762 in Amherst, Virginia.

They had at least two children, although they may have had four or more.

  • Benjamin John Warren 1768–1853
  • Eleanor Warren 1769–1855
  • Missing Children Warren 1770–1779
    — It is possible but improbable that there was a 10 year period in which no children were born.
  • Elizabeth Warren 1780–1841
  • Joseph Warren 1785–1837

Virginia Roots, circa 1720

Some family histories list the parents of William Warren as:

James Warren, 1720–1798 Edgefield County, SC
Elizabeth Lewis or Patton, c1721–aft 1790 Edgefield County, SC

 The Lewis name is of great interest to myself as my family are indeed related to the Lewises. These Lewises and Warrens came from the Caroline County, Virginia area (Spotsylvania, Amherst, Albemarle). However, the Patton name is also of interest and a relation — with General George Patton being a descendant.

Per a William Warren family history, Clouds Creek was full of Warren family members.

— At least one Warren married a Dillard! Always a good sign that someone is related to us. … William’s brother Benjamin Warren 1759-1813 married Sarah Sally Dillard 1767-1809.

— Some Warren family histories claim that “Nellie Golden” was William Warren’s wife Eleanor Golden … Nellie was not his wife, but the proximity of the two families and the similarity of the names surely can be easily confused.

Child of Thomas Golden (Goulden)?

Is Eleanor Golden Warren a child of Thomas Golden (Goulden)?

Thomas Golden settled in Newberry by 1761 on Bush Creek/River at the latest … just down the way from Clouds Creek. He is believed to be the father of William Golden (b c1750, husband to Nellie) and a Thomas Golden Jr. (175x-aft 1790, settling on property adjacent to William and Nellie).

Bush Saluda River Newberry South Carolina

Thomas Golden‘s origins are believed to be the same as the Warren family and many other families associated with William Golden‘s per DNA: from the Caroline County, Virginia area and adjacent counties.

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