Swiss Origin Guldins, Guldens, Goldens and Goldendale, Polk County, Oregon

Goldendale’s Goldendale Sentinel recently published some news items from the local past.

“Sunday, May 17, 1959 was the 100th anniversary of the marriage of John Golden and Jane Parrott, and the occasion was remembered by a flower arrangement at the Methodist church in their memory. The bouquet was of yellow blooms and white stock and was arranged in a brass bowl donated by Golden Family years ago. John Golden and Jane Parrott were married in Polk County, Oregon, May 17, 1859. In July of that year, Golden moved a big band of cattle to Klickitat Valley and in August moved his wife here and built a home, near the swale south of Goldendale.”

~~~ Goldendale Sentinel, ‘Looking Back‘, May 19, 2021

~~~ These Goldens were once Guldens and Guldins, a Pennsylvania line originating in Switzerland.

John James Golden Gulden Guldin

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